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Department Contacts

       Fax icon 617-261-3304

Option 3

  • Correspondent Services and General Inquiries
  • Online Banking
  • Payments
  • Safekeeping


Option 1

  • Advances – take down and rates

Option 2

  • Ideal Way Lines of Credit – establish or increase
  • Deposits
  • Prepayments
  • Wire Requests

You can find out who your relationship manager is by searching for your institution's name here Adobe PDF icon.

  • Ana Dyer 617-292-9762
    Director of Sales and Business Development

  • Steve Costa 617-425-9573

  • Steve McHugh Email icon 617-292-9616

  • Maria Nichols 617-292-9723

  • Matt Stewart 617-425-9528

1-888-424-3863 (option 1)

  • Information on our community lending resources: the Affordable Housing Program (AHP), Community Development Advance (CDA), New England Fund (NEF), Equity Builder Program, and more
  • Assistance with Community Support Statements
  • Technical assistance

Community Development Advances

Paulette Vass Email icon 617-292-9792
CDA and NEF programs, and Community Support Statements.

Jobs for New England

Michael Pingpank Email icon 617-425-9564
Kathleen Amonte Email icon 617-425-9413
Tobi Goldberg Email icon 617-292-9653
Kenneth Willis Email icon 617-292-9631
Mary Ellen Jutras Email icon 617-292-9607

Equity Builder Program and Housing Our Workforce

Kaitlyn Mulhern Email icon 617-292-9606
Michelle Chisholm Email icon 617-425-9582
Jennifer Mickool Email icon 617-425-9561
Kevin Ryan Email icon 617-292-9646
Homebuyer down-payment and closing-cost assistance programs.

Affordable Housing Program

Community Investment Managers

Kathleen Amonte Email icon 617-425-9413
Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southeastern Massachusetts, including Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties

Tobi Goldberg Email icon 617-292-9653
Maine and Eastern Massachusetts, including Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties

Michael Pingpank Email icon 617-425-9564
New Hampshire, Vermont, and Central and Western Massachusetts (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, and Worcester counties) as well as those outside New England

Manager of Programs and Outreach

Theo Noell Email icon 617-292-9668
Program management, long-term monitoring and reporting, refinancing, completion of AHP affordability obligations, as well as other programmatic and regulatory questions


  • Qualified Collateral Report (QCR)
  • Collateral, eligibility guidelines
  • Collateral, listing collateral, updating balances of mortgages delivered or listed
  • Collateral, pledging method (delivery, listing, or blanket-lien)


  • Call Reports, submission of
  • Financial Condition
  • Andrew Paolillo Email icon 617-292-9644
    Director, Member Strategies & Solutions

  • Rich Moran Email icon 617-292-9616

  • Mark Burton Email icon 617-292-9691

  • Susan Younis Email icon 857-443-6252


  • Internal Audit Inquiries
  • External Audit Inquiries


  • Requests for Certificate of Membership


  • Publications and Media Inquiries

Emergency Phone Numbers


If you are unable to contact Bank staff during an emergency event, please call our main emergency number, leave a message, and the appropriate staff member will contact you and offer assistance.

During an emergency, up-to-date information will be posted at

You may also try to reach us through the phone and mobile numbers and email addresses listed below.

Customer Service 888-281-4250

Money Desk 888-281-4250

Member Services

  • Susan Elliott Cell Phone icon 617-694-5081

  • Ana Dyer Cell Phone icon 508-965-0317

  • Steve Costa Cell Phone icon 978-810-8550

  • Steve McHugh Cell Phone icon 617-823-2229

  • Rich Moran Cell Phone icon 857-324-0196

  • Maria Nichols Cell Phone icon 617-694-5191

  • Matt Stewart Cell Phone icon 857-268-1035

Mortgage Partnership Finance

  • Mark Burton Cell Phone icon 857-378-0014

  • Deb Ferrante Cell Phone icon 617-475-9427

  • Susan Younis Cell Phone icon 857-443-6252

If you have an immediate funding need and cannot reach Bank staff or emergency telephone numbers, please contact the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, at  1-800-809-2733. As part of our disaster preparedness plans, the Federal Home Loan Banks of Topeka and Boston serve as each other’s backup in the event of an emergency that renders the Banks unable to operate normally.

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