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Corporate Governance Principles

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston ("Bank" or "FHLB Boston") has adopted corporate governance principles as a framework for its corporate governance structure.

Read the Corporate Governance Principles Adobe PDF icon.

Audit Committee Charter

The Audit Committee Charter assists the Board of Directors and its committees in directing the affairs of the Bank.

Read the Audit Commitee Charter Adobe PDF icon.

(Employee) Code of Ethics

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides specific guidance to our employees and directors about the standards for conduct of the Bank's business.

Maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and conduct is essential if employees and directors are to perform their duties properly and ensure that the Bank's members and the general public have confidence in the Bank and the Bank System.

Accordingly, it is important that employees and directors conduct themselves in a manner which avoids even the appearance of a conflict of interest or other form of impropriety.

This Code applies to decisions and actions throughout the Bank. It goes to the heart of our culture and should be the cornerstone of our business way of life.

Read the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Adobe PDF icon.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy for Bank Directors provides specific guidance to Bank directors regarding standards for avoiding conflicts of interest.

Read the Conflict of Interest Policy for Bank Directors Adobe PDF icon.

Fraud Reporting

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston is subject to the Federal Housing Finance Agency regulation 12 CFR 1233, which requires, among other things, that the Bank develop and enhance processes and controls to discover fraud.

Bank members, vendors, and contractors are expected to support the Bank's efforts in addressing fraud by immediately providing notification of any suspected fraudulent activity in relation to their dealings with the Bank.

These dealings include participation in the Affordable Housing Program, the Mortgage Partnership Finance® program, the pledging of collateral securing advances, and any other business interactions.

Should you discover or suspect an instance of fraud related to a Bank business transaction, please notify the Bank immediately by emailing

If you would like to file a report anonymously, you can contact the Bank's confidential whistleblower hotline at, or call Office Phone icon 1-866-294-9558 using the organization name "FHLB Boston" as prompted.

For any questions regarding this message, or to file a report directly with the Bank, please email

"Mortgage Partnership Finance" and "MPF" are registered trademarks of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.

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