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Become a Member – Getting Started with FHLB Boston
Banks & Credit Unions Insurance Companies

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston offers reliable, flexible, and cost effective wholesale funding to members throughout New England.

Membership is open to regulated financial institutions (commercial banks, savings institutions, credit unions, insurance companies, and CDFIs) headquartered in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Membership offers many benefits, including shared strength of our cooperative.

  • Ready-access, reliable, and low-cost source of funds, regardless of business cycle

  • Innovative asset-purchase programs

  • Discounted funding for affordable-housing and economic-development initiatives

  • Highly rated letters of credit

  • Highly rated deposit products

  • High quality correspondent services

  • Dividends on capital stock

  • Asset-liability management, offering strategies for matching/repricing, and funding asset growth

  • Operational liquidity, including short-term funding of normal business activities

  • Operating leverage, providing a competitive alternative to GICs and other funding agreements that can be used to support specific assets

  • Contingent liquidity as a means to increase back-up liquidity and financial flexibility

A financial institution or insurance company may be eligible to join if:

    Duly Organized
    The institution is duly organized under federal or state laws.

    Subject to Inspection and Regulations
    The institution is subject to inspection and regulation under the banking or insurance laws of any state or federal regulatory agency, or to certification by the CDFI Fund.

    Long-Term Home-Mortgage Loans
    The institution either purchases or originates long-term home-mortgage loans. A long-term home- mortgage loan is defined as a home-mortgage loan with a maturity of five years or more. This includes holding mortgage-backed securities.

    Financial Condition
    The institution’s financial condition is such that advances may be safely made.

    Management History and Home Financing Policy
    The institution's management character and home financing policy are consistent with sound and economical home financing.

    10-Percent Rule
    For banks and savings institutions with assets greater than $1.108 billion, and for credit unions, at least 10 percent of its total assets are in residential-mortgage loans or related assets. (This requirement is not applicable for insurance companies, CDFIs or smaller banks and savings institutions.)