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Affordable Housing Program – Reporting

Once completed, initiatives funded through the Affordable Housing Program are subject to the following reporting requirements. All reports are available online.

Semiannual Progress Reports

Semiannual Progress Reports are required until the project is complete. Upon completion of an initiative, Bank staff compare the completed project with that which was proposed in the application to determine whether the project remains in compliance with the AHP regulation.

Annual Compliance Certification

Members and project sponsors must submit an Annual Compliance Certification annually for 15 years for rental developments.

Periodic Monitoring Reports

Members and project sponsors/owners that have a rental development receiving more than $50,000 in AHP subsidy must submit a Periodic Monitoring Report once every six years. Projects receiving more than $250,000 must submit a Periodic Monitoring Report once every four years and rental developments receiving equal to or greater than $500,000 must submit a Periodic Monitoring Report once every two years.

Please note: For initiatives requiring this report, the Period Monitoring Report has been combined with the Annual Compliance Certification (ACCPMR).

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