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Grants for New England Partnership

Through its Grants for New England Partnerships (GNP) program, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston awards grants to eligible member institutions for distribution to the nonprofit organizations of their choice. In many cases, the nominating member matches the Bank's grant.

For more information, contact Paulette Vass, Community Development Advance Manager
Office Phone icon 617-292-9792.

2017 GNP Eligibility Criteria

During 2017, the first ten members approved and disbursed under the Jobs for New England (JNE) program for the first time, will be eligible to receive a grant award of $2,500.

Note: A JNE new user is defined as any member approved and disbursed in 2017 with no approvals or disbursements in 2016*.

*As qualifying JNE applications are funded, members will be notified of their eligibility to participate in the GNP program.

2016 GNP Program Results

During 2016, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston awarded a total of $26,000 in grants to 13 nonprofit organizations on behalf of 13 members as part of the Bank's launch of the Jobs for New England program (JNE), a grant award of $2,000 was awarded to members that received approval and disbursed funds under the JNE program.

In 2016, our members sponsored the following nonprofit organizations:

Non Profit


Facilities, Inc.

Aroostook County Federal Savings
& Loan Association

Eastern Maine Development Corporation

Bangor Savings Bank

Women's Development Corporation

Bank Rhode Island

Tedford Housing

Bath Savings Institution

March of Dimes

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Mission Hill Neighborhood
Housing Services

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Oak Square YMCA

Brookline Bank

Cambridge Local First

Cambridge Savings Bank

Northern Community
Investment Corporation

Community National Bank

New Hampshire Food Bank

Lake Sunapee Bank, FSB

Hope for New Hampshire Recovery

Members First Credit Union of New Hampshire

Mad River Valley Community Fund

Northfield Savings Bank

Local 1500 Charity Fund, Ltd

Radius Bank

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