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Participating Developers And Projects – 2019

The Developers participating in the 2019 Competition are listed below. To view the developers who have participated in prior years and their pipeline projects, please see the links to the left.

Lawrence CommunityWorks

Contact: Spencer Buchholz, 978-722-2610
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: Lawrence, MA

Description: The developer has purchased a 4.2-acre parcel of industrial land adjacent to some of their other projects. Their intention is to demolish the existing structures that have no historic value and replace them with 80 or more units of affordable housing. They also plan to develop open space on the site that will serve as a link to a city-owned park just past this site.

Status: Lawrence CommunityWorks has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the current owners. We are completing due diligence with several interested potential acquisition funders.

Metro West Collaborative Development

Contact: Shaina Korman-Houston, 617-923-3505
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: Watertown, MA

Description: The developer has a unique opportunity to develop a SRO (single-room occupancy) project. Informed by Boston's Compact Living Pilot, the developer envisions a community of 30-40 very compact studios with extensive common areas and opportunities for onsite resident services. A suitable building has been identified, but it will require extensive rehabilitation, including interior reconfiguration. The developer is early in the planning process and seeks creative ideas for this unusual project

Status: Acquisition has been discussed with the current owner and should be achievable. The project is in early planning stages. Feasibility analysis has been conducted with an architect, and Metro West is preparing to undertake more robust due diligence and site planning.

New Bedford Development Corp.

Contact: Michael Galasso, 619-316-5895
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: New Bedford, MA

Description: Redevelopment of an approximately 6,000 square-foot site located at 355-357 Acushnet Avenue in downtown New Bedford. The existing two-story building has deteriorated beyond repair and is scheduled for demolition. The proposed development should contain 20-25 co-living units with shared common facilities such as living rooms, co-working spaces and communal kitchens in a four- to five-story building. The building should be of modern /contemporarily design so not to deter from the surrounding historic buildings. No onsite parking needs to be provided but space should be allocated for alternative transportation modes. Consideration should be given to the parks surrounding the site which are not well utilized and could be made more appealing to the future residents, students, and tourists visiting this area.

Status: Sponsor has a Purchase and Sales agreement to acquire the site and the building next door which it will renovate, with a closing scheduled for late March.

Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)

Contact: Geoffrey Moen, 617-449-1013
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: Pawtucket, RI

Description: Creation of a mixed-use, affordable and market-rate development which will redevelop an underutilized commercial strip that is adjacent to the anticipated transit station. A new bus and commuter rail transit hub is being developed in central Pawtucket which will also serve Central Falls. The developer is working with the foundation that has been actively planning the revitalization and redevelopment of the surrounding district. The goal would be to create a proposal for a new development on the site, with a mix of affordable and market-rate units, and potentially other uses, that would make the most efficient use of the market potential, zoning capacity, and transit access at the site.

Status: The site is currently owned by a private entity. The Pawtucket Foundation and POAH have had discussions with the owner about the potential for purchasing the property for redevelopment, but do not currently have an option or a negotiated price.

South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation

Contact: Donna Brown, 617-268-9610
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: South Boston, MA

Description: The site is a former church on E Street in South Boston that has been closed for three years because of ceiling damage. The parish center is across the street and in poor condition. The community would like to see some options for first-time homebuyers and/or senior housing. This project is early in the conceptual stage.

Status: The site is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston (RCAB). The parish is not financially viable, and RCAB does not know what to do with the properties. The project is in the early planning stages.

The Community Builders, Inc. (TCB)

Contact: Kristin Anderson, 413-584-4636
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: Hartford, CT

Description: Construction of a mixed-income rental project on an acre of land. The parcel abuts a public housing development in Hartford which was recapitalized and rejuvenated approximately 10 years ago. This redevelopment has spurred additional investment in the area. This project, currently in a conceptual phase, represents an opportunity to create an additional phase in this same area which builds off the revitalization the neighborhood has experienced while ensuring the development is meeting the changing demands of the community. Through a thoughtful master planning process, the developer hopes to foster the further development of a complete neighborhood through housing and community space, enhancing connectivity of the development to the surrounding community, and continuing to promote crime prevention through design.

Status: TCB acquired the property in 2016.

Women's Institute for Housing and Economic Development (WIHED)

Contact: Christine Rogers, 617-250-8912
             Maura Camosse Tsongas
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Site: Spencer, MA

Description: This proposal is to acquire the Lake Street School at a nominal price and renovate the existing school into an affordable senior residential-use property. We envision a 34-unit senior living center with space for related supportive housing services. In addition to multifamily rental housing, the existing improvements hold the potential for repurposing the cafeteria and kitchen for possible food bank use by the community or as an adult foster care facility operated by Residential Support Services, Inc., an MHPI subsidiary.

Status: The sponsor is working with the town of Spencer to purchase the former Lake Street School. The option to purchase runs through December 2020.


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