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There are no specific educational or professional credentials required to participate in the Affordable Housing Development Competition. Graduate students of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to compete.

Students with educational or professional experience in design, planning, public policy, law, management, and advocacy will contribute different aspects to a development proposal. We do request that participants have some familiarity with housing issues and a strong desire to learn about affordable-housing development.

Finding Teammates and a Development Organization

Graduate students who wish to participate in the Affordable Housing Development Competition should submit an application to the student coordinating committee. -

Interested undergraduate students will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please see student registration for more information.

The student coordinating committee will help students form teams through a database and introductory sessions. The sessions will explain how the competition works and introduce students to one another. Once a group of students has formed a team (mid-February), they must register as a team via this web site.

Students do not need to establish a relationship with a development organization before registering their team. The competition sponsors and the student coordinating committee will host meetings to:

  1. Introduce the organizations and the development sites, and,

  2. Finalize the pairings of student teams and development organizations.

Attendance at these meetings is required to participate in the competition. Please refer to the timeline for dates and locations.

Students who currently have a working relationship with a development organization are invited to encourage that organization to participate. Interested organizations should apply online. For more information on what's involved, please see the How To Participate section or contact Carol Marine of CHAPA.

Team Requirements

At least two Boston-area universities must be represented on each team. Based on past experience, each team must have a minimum of five graduate student members to successfully participate in the competition. Six to eight graduate students seems to be the ideal team size. However, a team can include more than eight members.

Each team also needs a faculty advisor. Students are free to invite any faculty member to participate, whether he or she is listed in the Resources section or one who the students already have a relationship with.

Your team should be able to address some technical issues related to architectural design, project pro formas, and financial feasibility. We recommend that you draw from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Teams should expect to spend about 15 hours per week developing their proposals, with more time as the proposal deadline approaches.

At present, up to eight teams will be allowed to compete. The number of teams may be increased depending on student interest.


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