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The Proposal – Writing The Proposal

Each team's goal is to create a proposal that is specific enough — as to the proposed development's economic, physical, and political feasibility — to convince a financial institution to make a predevelopment loan. Teams should consider both the housing and other needs of the community, as well as any particular strengths their development organization brings to the table.

Don't Go it Alone!
The faculty advisors, development organizations, and mentors are valuable resources, and students shouldn't hesitate to benefit from their expertise. Teams can also contact the student coordinating committee, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, CHAPA, or the Boston Society of Architects/AIA as questions arise.

In addition, students should be sure to take advantage of an affordable-housing design and development workshops, which will be offered by the student coordinating committee. See the timeline for details.

The proposal should meet all the submission criteria.


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