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Affordable Housing Development Competition – Workshop & Materials

The faculty advisors (see link at left), mentors (see link at left), and development organizations (see link at left) are valuable resources, and students shouldn't hesitate to benefit from their expertise. Teams can also contact the student coordinating committee, Tobi Goldberg of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, or Carol Marine of CHAPA as questions arise.

In addition, students should be sure to take advantage of the following Affordable-Housing Design and Development Workshops and reference materials.

Affordable-Housing Design and Development Workshops

Sources of Affordable Housing Finance and Innovative, Meaningful, & Efficient Design
On March 8, 2018, Raymond Demers, director of Design Leadership with Enterprise Community Partners, and Jonathan Lavash, of Jonathan Lavish Project Management, LLC, addressed the student teams and discussed sustainability and integrated design.

View the presentations:

Recommended Reference Materials

For more information on affordable housing, please read the State of the Nation's Housing, a report published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies.

Through its Civic Initiative for New England, the Boston Society for Architects (BSA) explores the challenges of growth and sprawl in New England. On the BSA's Web site, you can find research, public forums, design charettes, summaries of current and past reports, and event listings.

For information on community development, visit the American Planning Association's Web site.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence
    Provides examples of comprehensive design approaches.

  • Housing and Community Development KnowledgePlex (
    Features architecture and design industry news and "hot topics". Subscription is required.

  • The Enterprise Foundation
    Offers solid advice on planning a housing development and project pro formas.