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The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston offers a variety of seminars, trainings, and other events for its members and their community-development partners.

Webinar: Managing Cost of Funds, NIM and Earnings Using Marginal Cost Analysis
How important is it today to manage funding costs? While the Federal Reserve has raised short-term rates by 200 basis points since December 2015 and 10-year Treasury yields have risen by 100 basis points, median deposit costs have only risen by 11 basis points. However, with liquidity now squeezed, we are seeing a drumbeat of headlines about pressure on deposit rates, deposit repricing "betas" and margin compression. Managing funding costs while minimizing impact on deposit repricing betas is critical to maintaining margins. Please join us for an engaging discussion focused on analyzing and managing marginal cost of funds and protecting earnings in this challenging rate and funding environment.


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