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FAQs – Credit Products


Where can I find rates?

Prices for many of the Bank's credit products are available in the rates section. For prices on all the Bank's credit products, contact the Money Desk.


Can I receive rates via email?

Yes: To receive the daily rates via email, contact the Money Desk.


Is it possible to lock in a rate?

Yes: Subject to underwriting approval, the Bank allows you to lock in a rate prior to disbursement of many advances. Commitment fees are generally charged for advances to be disbursed beyond next-day disbursement. For pricing information, please consult the commitment fees section of the Product Policy Adobe PDF icon or contact the Money Desk.


How does the Bank price its credit products?

The Bank prices all credit products according to market conditions and the following specific criteria:

  • the Bank's cost of funds;

  • competitive sources of funds for borrowers;

  • the Bank's alternative investment opportunities;

  • the Bank's cost of delivering products (general and administrative expenses); and

  • Bank profitability targets.

The Bank is required by regulation to price its credit products consistently and without discrimination to all members applying for advances. The Bank is also prohibited from pricing its advances below its cost of funds. However, the Bank may price advances on a differential basis, based on the creditworthiness of members, volume, or other reasonable criteria applied consistently to all members.


Is it possible to receive a rate that is lower than the one posted?

For advances of $25 million or more, a lower-than-posted rate may be available. Competitive funding alternatives for the member, general and administrative cost considerations for the Bank, the Bank's asset/liability management needs, and the total size of the transaction may all be considered in such negotiated pricing. Please contact the Money Desk for more information.


When is interest charged to my account?

For Amortizing advances, interest is charged on the first business day of the month. For most other advances, interest is charged on the second business day of the month. All accrued interest is charged at time of maturity.


When is the principal and interest (P&I) due on my Amortizing advance?

The principal and interest on an Amortizing advance is billed on the 15th of the month and is due on the first business day of the month.


How do I repay an advance?

Most advances are automatically repaid at maturity from your IDEAL way account. Rollover Cash Manager and IDEAL Cash Managers can be repaid at any time by calling Customer Service at Office Phone icon 1-800-357-3452 (option 3).


Are advances prepayable?

Whether or not an advance is prepayable is determined by the type and term of the advance. For more information, please consult the prepayment section of the Products and Solutions Guide Adobe PDF icon or contact the Money Desk.


When is interest charged on prepayments?

On advances that are prepaid in full, all accrued interest is charged at the time of prepayment. On partial prepayments, interest is charged on the first business day of the month for Amortizing advances and on the second business day of the month for most other advances.


How is my maturing advance processed?

All maturities are charged to your IDEAL Way account on the maturity date. If the maturity date falls on a weekend or on a holiday, the charge will fall on the next business day. The charge will include any remaining interest due.

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