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Is Regulation F a concern for you?

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston is excluded from the Regulation F requirement that you assess and limit the credit risk in your correspondent relationships.


Where can I find rates for the Bank's deposit programs?

Rates for the Bank's deposit programs are available in the rates section of this Web site.


When is interest credited to my IDEAL Way account, Rollover Overnight account, and/or Custodial Mortgage Account?

The Bank credits interest on deposits on the first business day of the month.


Can I wire directly into or out of my Rollover Overnight deposit account?



If I invest in either the Daily Overnight or the Rollover Overnight deposit and have indicated that the funds are coming in directly by wire, can additional funds be included in that same wire?

No: Please send all additional funds by way of a separate wire, making it clear which account the funds should be applied to.


What is the Bank's position regarding overdrafts on a member's IDEAL Way account?

The Bank strongly discourages members from overdrawing their IDEAL Way account beyond the amount of their IDEAL Way line of credit. These overdrafts present potential liquidity and credit risks to the Bank. Therefore, each member should maintain an IDEAL Way line of credit that is sufficient to cover anticipated shortfalls in the collected balance of the member's IDEAL Way account to avoid an overdraft. The Bank does not charge members a fee to establish or maintain an IDEAL Way line of credit.

The IDEAL Way line of credit is overdraft protection for your account. The Products Policy notes that, "Members that have obtained an IDEAL Way line of credit may overdraw their IDEAL Way demand-deposit account and get an automatic IDEAL Way advance to cover the overdraft. The Bank typically approves an IDEAL Way line of credit equal to two percent of a member's assets." Members are required to pledge sufficient collateral to the Bank to secure their IDEAL Way line of credit at all times, including at the time that the line is established.

For additional information on establishing an IDEAL Way line of credit, or increasing the size of your existing IDEAL Way line of credit, please contact the Money Desk.

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