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It is your online headquarters for learning how to get more from your membership in the Bank. Choose a topic to access our learning pages and tutorials. Be sure to check back often for more tips and training.


How To use a Funding-Strategy Model

Our funding-strategy models let you analyze loan and investment returns within the context of seven different interest-rate environments. This online training session will show you how to use a funding-strategy model to hedge interest-rate risk and maximize profitability.

Take the Funding-Strategy Training Session

In order to view and hear the entire training session, you need Flash Player. You can download this free software.

As the training session has an audio component, please make sure your speakers are on and the volume on your computer is turned up. Or, if an audio presentation is not appropriate for your office environment, simply turn off your speakers and follow the text.

Begin your training.

How to Borrow from the Bank

  1. Make sure all required forms have been completed and submitted. Only staff listed in the Delegation of Authority Adobe PDF icon are authorized to borrow from the Bank. Customer Service, the Money Desk, or your relationship manager can confirm your institution's authorized borrowers.

  2. Take note of the borrowing deadlines:

    • Daily Cash Manager — available for same-day funding until 5:00 p.m.

    • Short term and long term advances — available for same-day funding if you contact the Money Desk by noon. For next-day funding, contact the Money Desk by 3:00 p.m.

    • Rollover Cash Manager — available for same-day or next-day funding until 4:00 p.m.

    Depository institution members in Category 3 status are required to submit a Supplement A Adobe PDF icon at least three business days prior to the extension of credit. Insurance company members should contact their relationship manager to determine if similar documentation is required prior to a funding request.

  3. Know your institution's collateral status and availability. If you are unsure of your collateral capacity, you can check your position through our Direct+ online banking system. Once you log into Direct+, click on the Information Reporting tab, then click Collateral under the Calculators tab. You can also contact your relationship manager or the Collateral Department with questions about your collateral status and borrowing capacity.

  4. Know your docket number. Your docket number is the identifying number for your institution at the Bank.

  5. Select the type of advance(s) that best meets your funding needs from our menu of choices. You can also review your funding options with the Money Desk, your relationship manager, or the Strategies Department.

  6. Check the rates. Rates on specials are only available through our daily email or by contacting the Money Desk. If you are currently not receiving the daily email and would like to be on our mailing list, please sign up here or contact your relationship manager or the Money Desk.

  7. When you borrow from the Bank, you are required to purchase activity-based capital stock, which is different from your membership stock requirement. Members are required to purchase activity-based stock in proportion to their borrowings with the Bank.

    The Bank's activity-based stock requirements are as follows:

    • 3.0% of the principal balance of advances with original maturities of one day

    • 4.0% of the principal balance of advances with original maturities of two days to three months

    • 4.5% of the principal balance of advances with original maturities of over three months
  8. When initiating an advance, the Money Desk will indicate a stock purchase requirement. The exact amount of this requirement is available on Direct+ or by calling Customer Service at Office Phone icon 1-800-357-3452 (option 3). Proceeds from the advance can be used to meet the capital stock requirement.

    You can check your capital stock balance through the Direct+ online system by clicking Information Reporting, then choosing Capital Stock under the Calculators tab.

  9. Contact the Money Desk to report the amount and term of your advance(s) request. Advances can be initiated only by an authorized borrower for your institution. The Money Desk staff will also ask you for your docket number.

    Many advance products and current rates are also available through Direct+ under the Payments tab. If you initiate an advance through Direct+, you can transfer the funds from your IDEAL Way account to your recurring wire address at a reduced fee.

  10. Advance funds will be deposited in your IDEAL Way account on the designated disbursement date. To transfer funds to your organization's FED account or another correspondent, use your Fedline Advantage terminal to initiate a Type 1031 drawdown request. If you don't have a Fedline terminal, staff from your organization authorized in the Funds Transfer Delegation form (Exhibit C) can contact the Money Desk with the following information:

    1. Caller ID Found in your PIN form. A PIN form is mailed by Customer Service to staff authorized in the Funds Transfers Delegation (Exhibit C).

    2. Test KeyYour PIN number plus two corresponding numbers from the Group Table. Customer Service emails the Group Table annually to the CFO of the member institution.

    3. IDEAL Way account number

    4. Wire amount

    5. Receiving ABA and Beneficiary account number and name (unless your organization has a Recurring Wire form on file with us)

    It is important to confirm that your PIN is active before you borrow. For your PIN to be active, you need to return the acknowledgement form you received with your PIN number. You can contact Customer Service to confirm that your PIN is active.

    There is a $10 fee to wire funds from your IDEAL Way account ($6.50 through Direct+). If you plan to borrow on a regular basis, we recommend that you complete a Request for Recurring Wire Adobe PDF icon form.

  11. You can use the Direct+ online system to access information on your advances. Direct+ provides information on outstanding balance, prepayment, accrued interest, and more. All reports can be found under the Special Reports section of Direct+.

  12. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact your relationship manager for assistance. Your relationship manager can walk you through the process, answer questions, or direct you to other departments if necessary.

How to Export a Direct+ Report

One of the benefits of Direct+, the Bank's secure online account-information and transaction service, is that it allows you to customize reports to quickly and easily gather information about specific corporate accounts. You can then export these reports in comma de-limited, ASCII format and import them into Excel to create tailored, printable documents for use within your institution.

To do so, just follow the steps below.

  1. In Direct+, select Info Reporting and then the Special Reports tab.

  2. Double-click on the name of the report you wish to save.

  3. Using the menu at the top of your screen, choose "File" and then select "Save As."

  4. A box will appear. Name the file and set the "Save in" location to be your desktop or elsewhere on your computer or network. Select "Text file (*.txt)" from the dropdown box for "Type." For "Encoding," select "Unicode." The file will be saved with fixed-width fields.

You can now save the file as an Excel file. To do so:

  1. Open the Excel program and, using the menu at the top of your screen, choose "File" and then "Open." Find the file on your computer or network. ("All Files" must be selected in the "File Type" box in order for you to be able find the file on your computer.)

  2. You will receive an error message that reads, "This file is not a recognizable file." Click "OK."

  3. This will bring you to the "Text Import Wizard" box. Select "Delimited" as the "file type that best describes your data" and click "Next." The "Text Import Wizard" screen appears. Select Tab and Comma. Then click "Next".

  4. The next screen shows how the columns will appear and allows you to change their widths/breaks, if necessary. Click "Next."

  5. Click "Finish."

  6. The file can now be saved as an Excel file. Using the menu at the top of your screen, choose "File" and then "Save As." When saving, make sure you change the type from "Text (*.txt)" to "Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.XLS)."