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The FHLBank Boston Solution Center offers a broad range of tools, case studies, and articles to help you achieve your goals.

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Dutch Auction Advance Bidding Tips and Strategy
What if you had the ability to set your own advance rate? FHLBank Boston lets you do just that when it conducts a Dutch Auction Advance Special. Unlike traditional specials, where we set rates prior to the offering, members submit bids for their preferred advance amount and rate.

Maximize Borrowing Capacity with Voluntary Listing
Accurate data is critical to borrowing capacity. Get details on our recent analysis of member data. We'll review steps you can take to ensure you are receiving values that reflect your own loan mix and quality.

Exposed to Rising Rates? Consider the Classic Plus Cap Advance
Members seeking long-term protection, as well as the potential to decrease interest expense should short-term rates continue to rise, will find the Classic Plus Cap Advance a beneficial funding option to consider.

Using Amortizing Advances to Fund 15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans
Learn how members can book 15-year fixed-rate mortgages and manage the interest-rate risk using FHLBank Boston advances.

Using Classic Advances to Fund 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans
Learn how members are funding their 30-year fixed-rate mortage production with long-term advances.

Using FHLB Boston Classic Advances to Fund Commercial Real Estate Loans
Use FHLB Boston advances to fund commercial loans and limit your interest rate risk

Using Classic Advances and Deposits to Fund 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans
Earn an average spread of almost 200 basis points by holding 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.

Using Classic Advances to Fund 15-Year Mortgage Loans
Learn how members are protecting net interest income in a rising rate environment. Adobe PDF icon


Estimating Values of Advances Containing Embedded Cancellation Options
One of the questions members with structured advances often ask is, "How likely is it that my structured advance will be called?"

Learn about tools and resources available to help you answer this question in this tutorial. Adobe PDF icon


Discounted Long-Term Funding On Demand
Learn how members are taking advantage of the Bank's <.linkinContent>Advance Renewal Discount Program to extend advance maturities at discounted rates at any time. Adobe PDF icon


Exposed to Rising Interest Rates?
Learn why now may be the time to extend some of your funding. Adobe PDF icon


Funding Strategy Models
Looking to fund loans or securities with advances? A Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston funding-strategy model can help you develop strategies to hedge interest-rate risk and maximize profitability.

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