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Correspondent Services – Funds Transfer Services

FHLB Boston is online with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and can send and receive wire transfers for you or for your customers. We offer a secure environment and expert service.

FHLB Boston's wire system communicates directly with the Fed. If users experience interruptions in FedLine Advantage service, our members can call FHLB Boston to complete their transfers.

Outgoing Funds Transfers

Using collected funds in your IDEAL Way account, Rollover Deposit account, or IDEAL Way line of credit, you can execute the transfer of funds for domestic destinations via the following channels:

  • Fedline Advantage — Use your Fedline Advantage terminal to initiate a Type 1031 drawdown request.

  • Phone — please visit Contact Us.

Incoming Funds Transfers

You can wire funds into any of your deposit accounts at FHLB Boston.

Correspondent Services Forms and Applications
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