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Correspondent Services – Safekeeping

Utilize our high-quality and competitively priced safekeeping and security transaction services to execute the receipt and delivery of securities, manage and price(1) security positions, and facilitate related activities including corporate-action processing.

Benefits of utilizing FHLB Boston's safekeeping services for safekeeping your collateral positions include:

  • Execute trades via our online banking system
    Our online banking system allows you to initiate trades at a reduced fee. In addition, you can download daily holding statements with market values and view same-day advices and transaction status.

  • Competitive fees
    Many correspondent alternatives charge up to one basis point monthly on the market value of positions held compared with our flat fee of $5.00 per CUSIP. On a collateral position with a market value of $100 million, this would equate to a monthly charge of $5,000 to $10,000 (the equivalent of 1,000 to 5,000 CUSIPS respectively if held with us).

  • Sweep Repo
    To provide members additional flexibility to manage deposit accounts, FHLB Boston offers two options for Sweep Repo. Please contact Customer Service for additional information.
Important notes relating to safekeeping transactions:
  • All safekeeping transactions will settle to the member's IDEAL Way account effective as of the date that FHLB Boston receives the debit/credit.

  • There is no guarantee of settlement.

  • Securities physically held by the member need special handling prior to settlement. Contact Bank Operations Safekeeping at Office Phone icon 1-800-357-3452 (option 3) for instructions.

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Delivery Instructions

  Type of Security   Delivery Instructions
  U.S. T-bills, Notes, Bonds

FHLB, FFCB, FNMA, FHLMC PC's in book entry form

IBRD Bonds & Discount Notes


Fed Book Entry System CITIBANK NYC / CUST ABA 021000089

FHLB customers' institution name and FHLB safekeeping account #
  Corporate Bonds & Equities   DTC Book Entry System
Participant Number:
Institutional Number: 22327

Agent Bank Number: 27601
FHLB customers' institution name and FHLB safekeeping account #

  All Physical Settlements
By mail and hand delivery

Physical Settlements
399 Park Ave
Level B Vault
New York, NY 10022
FHLB customers' institution name and FHLB safekeeping account #


(1) The Bank makes no representation, endorsement, or warranty that any pricing data for any securities is accurate, valid or complete, or that the securities data are suitable for any particular purpose.

Correspondent Services Forms and Applications
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