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Credit Products – IDEAL Cash Manager

The IDEAL Cash Manager is one of three overnight-funding products we offer. The others are the Daily Cash Manager and the Rollover Cash Manager.

Key Features
  • Overnight funding using your IDEAL Way line of credit
Common Uses
  • Manage daily liquidity needs.
  • Until 5:00 p.m.
  • Use your IDEAL Way overdraft line of credit for same-day funding.
Rate Set
  • Daily
  • Same-day
  • All IDEAL Way advances will have a term of one business day and will be automatically charged back to your account on the business day following issuance.
Payment of Interest
  • Interest due monthly on the second business day of the month.

  • Interest is calculated on an actual/360-day basis.
  • The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston does not act as a financial advisor and members should independently evaluate the suitability and risks of these advances.
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