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Credit Products
  Advance Restructuring
  Amortizing Advance
  Capped Floater Advance
  Classic Advance
  Classic Plus Cap Advance
  Collar Advance
  Corridor Advance
  Curve Flattener Advance
  Curve Steepener Advance
  Daily Cash Manager
  Discount Note Auction-Floater
  Expander Advance
  Flipper Advance
  Flipper Advance with Guaranteed Flip
  HLB-Option Advance
  HLB-Option Plus Cap Advance
  IDEAL Cash Manager
  Knockout Advance
  Letters of Credit
  LIBOR-Indexed Advance
  Member-Option Advance
  Rollover Cash Manager
  Slider Advance
  Symmetrical Prepayment
  Transaction Hours
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Credit Products

For more information on any of the Bank's credit products, contact the Money Desk at or Office Phone icon 1-800-357-3452.

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Overnight Funding
Next-business-day maturities

Short-Term Advances
Final maturities of less than one year

Long-Term Advances
Final maturities of one year or more

Fixed-Rate Advances

Variable-Rate Indexed Advances

Funding for Community Development




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