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Fulfilling specific funding requests — based on the maturity, structure, and pricing requirements that members describe — is a way of life at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston. Bank staff are always prepared to work one-on-one with members to meet their specific funding objectives.

What Are Your Funding Needs?

Many members regularly inform us of funding levels and the spreads to the Treasury curve that they want. With information about the amounts and spreads that you can use, we can go to work to locate competitive funding opportunities in the capital markets and pass the cost benefit on to you.

You should also talk to us about all your projected funding needs, including extended settlement dates. This lets us monitor the markets and call you directly when opportunities arise to deliver specially priced funds. For example, members active in the repo market often let the Money Desk know of their upcoming needs and work with the Bank to obtain competitively priced funds.

To let us know how we can help you meet your funding objectives, contact Money Desk or your relationship manager.

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